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Bagel-pizzas with roquito peppers and egg

Bagel-pizza with egg

Homemade pizza is great. Super-easy homemade pizza is even better! I know making pizza dough can be fun and it feels great to make pizzas from scratch (and if you have a bread-making machine you can have it kneading the dough for you). However, if you want the simplest of pizza bases and want it quick, try using bagels.

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L'Anima venison dish
London, Reviews


I was excited about trying L’Anima, as it makes big claims about serving good higher-end contemporary Italian food – something that never fails to get me excited. It also boasts about a long list of awards, albeit all pre-2012.

I went there for a Christmas work do so I guess you need to take that into consideration. The experience of mass-production of food from a Christmas set menu is never the same as the free-choice smaller scale event. Nevertheless I think you can still get a view about a place if you eat there and get served by its people.

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