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Pulled pork hash with feta cheese and egg

Pulled pork hash with egg and feta

Nothing can go wrong when you use pulled pork in a dish. Nothing.

And this is no exception. I wanted to use leftover pulled pork (which freezes really well, by the way) without making the usual sandwich with slaw on a brioche bun. I remembered my favourite breakfast in one of my favourite London breakfast places – The Breakfast Club in Hoxton. I always have the same and even though their menu is extensive I just can’t resist their Chorizo Hash Browns. It’s a potato, onion and pepper ‘hash’ with chorizo, eggs on the side and feta as an optional extra. It really works! So I thought if I used pulled pork instead of chorizo it should still work. Oh and it worked. It really really worked.

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Greek yoghurt, banana and manuka honey with a ‘posh’ granola

Bowl with yoghurt and banana breakfast

Seeds and nuts for 'posh' granola

Manuka honey syrup and banana

In my daily commute, I eat a lot of shop-bought pots of yoghurt with a fruit compote at the bottom and a textured granola of some sort on top. I tend to do that on days I am avoiding a heavy load of carbs, like bread or toast, in the morning. They are usually ok, but never quite make to the ‘delicious’ standard. So I decided to play with some ingredients to make my own version at home and I am really pleased with the result. It is definitely worth a post and I encourage you to try it. As with most of the recipes I post here it was really easy to make and it put a smile on my face when I ate it. Even though it is nearly ‘carb-free’ (or at least bread-free), it is indulgent enough and a really nice way to start to your day. Or you can have it as a dessert, albeit of the healthier kind. Also, don’t restrict yourself to the nuts, seeds or fruit I used here, there are endless combinations and possibilities.

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