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Greek yoghurt, banana and manuka honey with a ‘posh’ granola

Bowl with yoghurt and banana breakfast

Seeds and nuts for 'posh' granola

Manuka honey syrup and banana

In my daily commute, I eat a lot of shop-bought pots of yoghurt with a fruit compote at the bottom and a textured granola of some sort on top. I tend to do that on days I am avoiding a heavy load of carbs, like bread or toast, in the morning. They are usually ok, but never quite make to the ‘delicious’ standard. So I decided to play with some ingredients to make my own version at home and I am really pleased with the result. It is definitely worth a post and I encourage you to try it. As with most of the recipes I post here it was really easy to make and it put a smile on my face when I ate it. Even though it is nearly ‘carb-free’ (or at least bread-free), it is indulgent enough and a really nice way to start to your day. Or you can have it as a dessert, albeit of the healthier kind. Also, don’t restrict yourself to the nuts, seeds or fruit I used here, there are endless combinations and possibilities.

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'Rabanadas' with honey, figs and walnuts

Portuguese ‘Rabanadas’ with honey, nuts and figs syrup

This is a traditional Christmas dessert I have grown up with. It’s a kind of Pain Perdu (or French Toast), soaked in a sweet syrup with cinnamon. The main difference is that Pain Perdu is soaked in egg and ‘Rabanadas’ are soaked in milk and then coated in egg. And one is mostly eaten at breakfast, whilst the other is a dessert. They are usually fried and the syrup is mainly made of sugar and cinnamon. My Mum and I decided to make some changes and make them slightly healthier by cooking the ‘Rabanadas’ in the oven and adding some interest to the syrup. For this, we took inspiration from a recipe from one of my favourite blogs (As Minhas Receitas) by a wonderful Portuguese cook, called Joana Roque. We made some changes to the syrup, the main one replacing the raisins (because they’re not my favourite thing) with chopped dried figs (which are one of my favourite things).

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