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February 2015

Grain Store logo
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The Grain Store

The Grain Store has got some hype. And as you go in the words trendy and hip come to mind. In a great location (you have to check the Kings Cross area now!), sitting in beautiful open square with modern lights, this fresh space is carved inside old exposed brick walls and the whole room is decorated with a mix of wood and steel. It’s got a sort of modern canteen feel. The kitchen is exposed and runs across the main area. On one side, some intimate alcoves are just perfect for quiet conversation and we got lucky as that is precisely where we got our table. Continue Reading

Carrot soup with cheesy croutons

Carrot soup with cheesy croutons

Soups are my thing. I grew up with a bowl of soup at the start of every meal (lunch and dinner). I love eating them, I feel comfortable making them and I am always swapping ingredients around. That is what I did to get to the best carrot soup I have cooked so far. This soup is like velvet and tastes fantastic. And it’s a soup for all occasions, casual or fancy. The cheesy croutons are a little luxury that give it a bit of interest. Alternatively, a little swirl of cream should also impress your guests if you are not in the mood to make croutons (although these are really easy!). Or just have it on its own, believe me it is still a treat. Continue Reading


Comfort food: The ultimate (easy) pot roast

Roasted beef brisket slices

I finally have my kitchen back and it’s about time! I decided to cook something comforting as it was the weekend and being in the new kitchen with the family around just begged for comfort food. Braised beef cooked in a pot roast was just the perfect winter warmer and I knew it would make the house smell gorgeous for hours.

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The outside of the Fat Duck
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The Fat Duck

Reviewing Heston Blumenthal’s 3-Michelin starred Fat Duck is a near-impossible task. I am already lost for words and haven’t even started.

The Fat Duck is not a place where you go to have dinner. It is more like going to the theatre. It is a theatre of food.

The outside of the restaurant is very pub-like, set in the heart of the leafy village of Bray. By the time we arrived I was feeling butterflies in my stomach in anticipation. As you go in, the room is surprisingly simple, plain, almost dull. But then this place is all about the food, why waste time on props and décor and draw attention away from what really matters? Still, the tables were impeccably set, the cloth immaculately white and smooth. We sat, asked for a glass of champagne, and then the show began.

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Venezia potatoes in a bowl
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An awesome potato

Whilst my kitchen is being rebuilt I thought I should share a recent pleasant discovery in the world of food – a lovely potato. There are many types out there and I don’t know about you but I feel a bit muddled with all the terms and purposes. Waxy, starchy, good for salads, good for mash, good for roasting…

This is how I rate this one: velvety, sweet and delicious. It was part of some independent variety trials in 2014 and all I can say is that I hope it becomes a common sight in UK supermarkets.

Defying the rules I decided to roast it even though the packet said it’s meant to be good for salads. It more than delivered on flavour and texture, and I guess that’s all you can ask of the humble potato.

It’s called Venezia and this is how I cooked it.

Venezia potatoes in a bag